Leadership Thinking Strategically

The entrepreneurial, business, educational and political leadership all along the gulf coast must learn to think more strategically.These are some common habits of true strategic thinking:

  • Anticipate
    This is the ability to understand the current local environment and see coming trends and create action plans to capitalize on opportunities and avoid coming threats.

  • Think Critically
    This is the process of skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing information.

  • Interpret
    Means to explain ideas, opportunities, threats in ways that other people can understand.

  • Decide
    To decide is to bring issues and ideas to a resolution. To choose among many options.

  • Align
    To organize the various communities and stakeholders into

  • Learn

The Pensacola Opportuntiy

With the new strong taking office in Pensacola and reaching out to the community through his Transition Committee we have a great opportunity to inform, educate and encourage the adoption of a set of SmartCity development principles.

Among these principles are the focus on establishing a people-centered economy based on a specific type of innovation that makes people’s jobs more valuable rather than replacing jobs, building a world class competitive technology infrastructure, sharing the lessons learned with other regional Gulf Coast cities and aggressively promoting the region as the Smart’est’ Coast for Innovators and Entrepreneurs.


The City of Pensacola, under the leadership of Mayor Robinson, recently completed and submitted an application to the following challenge.

To see the submission and the letters of support, click here.


The 2019 Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge

The SmartCities Council is holding their third North American Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge — and we don’t have to win to be a winner!

The application process itself is almost like a digital smart cities workshop. The questions and knowledge resources coach you to build relationships and use best practices to make your projects stronger and easier to finance.

And all applicants get access to the Smart Cities Project Activator, an innovative online portal designed to help you envision, collaborate, plan and finance your smart cities efforts.

Key dates

Finalists will be announced by the end of February 2019; winners will be announced in March/April 2019.