Smart Cities on The SmartCoast


What is a SMART CITY?

Smart Cities and Entrepreneurs

A recent article in Forbes talks about Smart Cities being Smart Places for Entrepreneurs because Smart Cities are data collectors and analyzing and making use of this data will drive the development of artificial intelligence enabled data analytics. By starting down the smart-city path we can encourage entrepreneurs by making ourselves more attractive.

Here are 17 factors that can be used to gauge our progress.

  • Business Ecosystem

  • Car Sharing Services

  • Citizen Participation

  • Clean Energy

  • Digitization of Government

  • Education

  • Environment Protection

  • Fiber-Optic Connectivity

  • Internet Speed

  • Living Standard

  • Public Transport

  • Smart Buildings

  • Smart Parking

  • Traffic

  • Urban Planning

  • Waste Processing

  • WiFi Hotspots

 A smart city is one that creates a vision of the future that utilizes information and communication technologies like fiber-optic backbone networks, wide-spread wifi and coordinated commercial wireless like 5g, sensors, data centers, collection and analysis of big data through machine learning and artificial intelligence. This vision provides for better, faster and cheaper delivery of public services such as transportation, energy, waste management and civic engagement. The typical market segments include SmartGrid, Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart Water Network, Smart Healthcare, Smart Education, Smart Security and Smart Transport.

Smart City technologies enable cities to enjoy the economic development benefits that come with increasing population while handling the downsides of congestion and pollution. Check out our Smart City Resources.


Our vision not only includes urban areas like Pensacola but also the other Gulf Coast cities and towns and in fact the rural areas. Our view is that our Smart Cities can become hubs with ultra-speed communications and transformational next generation transit systems. This will allow people to live in and enjoy the non-urban areas while still having access to the urban centers.


We are encouraging the City of Pensacola to engage in this initiative by registering their interest in using the Smart Cities Project Activator offered at no cost by the Smart Cities Council, here is a link for more information:

Working together to inform and educate our citizens we can get become the lead city on the coast for entrepreneurs and innovators.

Also by working together we can define meaningful and transformational projects that can attract public-private partnerships and qualify for Triumph Gulf Coast funding.

We ask that you help us spread the word and get in involved.