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Startup Springboard (Did not progress)

The Startup Springboard was submitted for a grant under the US Economic Development Administration (EDA) Regional Innovation Strategies I-6 Challenge.

The Springboard’s purpose is to create and foster partnerships augmenting the existing entrepreneur ecosystem to create high-technology, high-growth potential businesses that create jobs. Springboard in partnership with business mentors, will help selected innovators in the Healthcare Technology, e Learning Technology and Cyber-technology sectors create and mature their early stage innovations through to funding. Springboard is modeled after the highly successful end-to-end approach of TechstarsTM. Once the approach is proven, it can be a model to be replicated across the Florida Panhandle.

JP Morgan Chase - Advancing Cities Challenge (Did not progress)

Members of our entrepreneurial ecosysystem have embarked on preparing an application for the JP Morgan Chase AdvancingCities challenge which is a five-year infinitive to invest in solutions that bolster the long-term vitality of the world’s cities and the communities within them that have not benefited from economic growth. Discover more information at this link.

Startup Week-End Project (Success)

Planning has begun to hold our next Startup Week-end during February 2019. We need many kinds of volunteers from mentors in the fields of computer programming, business development, marketing and product development just to name a few.

Note: Access to this project requires membership in the Startup Week-end Team. Interested in joining this team please let us know by joining the Slack workspace and letting us know.

The 2019 Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Project

From the Smart Cities Council website: “The application process itself is almost like a digital smart cities workshop. The questions and knowledge resources coach you to build relationships and use best practices to make your projects stronger and easier to finance.

And all applicants get access to the Smart Cities Project Activator, an innovative online portal designed to help you envision, collaborate, plan and finance your smart cities efforts.”

We are asking the City of Pensacola to be our eligible entity which will make available the Smart Cities Project Activator that we can use at no cost to help scope and fund some great public-private projects. Identifying these transformational projects may also enable us to leverage Triumph Gulf Coast funds.

Update: On January 8, 2019 Mayor Grover Robinson endorsed moving forward with developing and submitting this application.

FYI here is the 2019 Smartcities Readiness Challenge PDF that we are working on. Interested in helping? Please email

On February 15, 2019 the City of Pensacola Response was submitted. See it at this link.