Midtown Innovation District Concept

The Beginning…

In addition, Socialdesk has undertaken the responsibility to keep Herman Street and L Street very clean and litter free everyday, day light or twilight, warm or cold, sunny or rainy, work-day or holiday - we are diligent to help "Make Mid-town Beautiful"! Please join us where you work or live - litter-free is beautiful.


Ideas for the Future

The following are some ideas being considered for the mid-town Innovation District. All of these ideas can be privately funded or public/private partnerships.


Connectivity is one of the keys to an Innovation District. Mid-town Pensacola is the home of Escambia County Area Transit (ECAT) so all buses in the County come to the District. This means that employment opportunities are open to all residents, no matter where they live or their access to transportation.

Another important key is bike-ability, this means not only within the district itself, but includes well-defined, continuous and safe bicycle commuting routes as depicted in the graphic to the right.


All of the buildings in the Innovation District will be inter-connected with fiber-optics that will allow extremely high-speed, low-latency access to the community data center and sharing of Internet access. The entire district will also provide comprehensive wifi and be ready for 5G and small cell deployments.


Increasingly businesses of all sizes are creating, storing and using ever greater volumes of data. Many businesses use computer servers that are housed in their offices, in a closet, without reliable back-up power or cooling and others are using various cloud services with their pay as you go pricing. Both options have benefits and problems. Some communities are offering community data centers that deliver the best of both worlds. A community data center can provide both physical access to co-hosted equipment and extremely high-speed network access when coupled with a community fiber-optic network. On the other hand, it can provide the redundant electrical power and cooling and professional management you get when using a cloud service.

This technology infrastructure will make the innovation district a great place to implement IoT (Internet-of-things) deployment testbeds and production environments.