Projects for Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Projects are the heart of what The SmartCoast for Innovators and Entrepreneurs is all about. We are just beginning the journey to make the northwest Florida gulf coast The SmartCoast. Below you can find some information on our entrepreneurial ecosystem building projects.

We use Trello for task management and provide links to the Trello Boards below. Note, most projects can be publicly viewed but require a team membership to edit while a few projects are restricted to being viewed by team members only due to information security concerns, these may show below in a gray color.

Please join our Slack workspace and let us know if you wish to be a part of one of these teams.

2019 Priorities

(1) Market Regional Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Information and Promotion Project

This project is aimed at increasing the awareness of the importance or entrepreneurship and Innovation to the north Florida Gulf Coast.

We are manning information booths at many of the local events and reaching out for opportunities to speak at community clubs and civic organizations.

Do you like to pitch ideas or speak to different groups? Contact us and we can put you to work.

Trello Board

Develop Entrepreneurship & Innovation Talk Show

A pilot project is underway to utilize Pensacola Business Radio (RadioX) to accomplish this priority.

(2) Develop the Regions Entrepreneurial Hubs and Connect to Industry Clusters, Assets, Services, Networks, Facilities, Tools, and Expertise.

Develop the organization and website.

This website is a project that is designed to do much of this priority.