Quick Breakdown of Pensacola Transition Recommendations


Today, the City of Pensacola Mayoral Transition Team has released their Committee Report. This post will list each of the recommendations by committee member.

Quint Studer (Chair)

  • Create a mission, vision, values and an employee code of ethics for the City of Pensacola.

  • Conduct and follow a strategic plan for the City of Pensacola.

  • Modernize and publicize a city organizational structure.

  • Create a city dashboard with measurable goals across all departments.

  • Conduct an employee engagement survey with all city employees.

  • Strive to unify the Mayor’s office and City Council in working relationship and messaging from City Hall.

  • Invest and budget for training and development of city employees.

Connie Bookman (Crime & Safety)

  • Make a dedicated investment in training and development of first responders

  • Complete a comprehensive compensation, equipment and staff level study.

  • Create a committee to address panhandling with a solution by June 15.

Brian Wyer (Economic Development & Entrepreneurship)

  • Adopt the covenant for the community.

  • Increase awareness of the city’s “One-Stop Development” meeting that currently takes place.

  • Clearly define the functions of the city’s Economic Development department.

  • Create an objective measurement protocol for Economic Development.

  • Create monthly startup fairs for local businesses

Michelle Salzman (Education)

  • Create an Education Leadership Council for the city, county & School District.

  • Clearer communication about education on city platforms.

  • Create a mentor program for city employees.

  • Create a more accessible, consistent, and affordable Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for non-profits to the various community centers.

Christian Wagley (Environment)

  • Plant more street trees, specifically targeting the city’s west side.

  • Create form-based standards for key commercial areas to create more environmentally-friendly spaces.

  • Complete a greenhouse gas inventory of city operations.

  • Set an aggressive renewable energy goal for Pensacola.

  • Form an additional crew to clean stormwater inlets.

Bruce Vredenburg (Finance & Budget)

  • Engage open discussion about the budget with City Council, city employees, and citizens.

  • Create a succession plan for seasoned city finance employees.

  • Establish goal setting and measurement throughout the organization.

  • Evaluate city assets and create a capital improvement plan.

  • Consider a referendum to permanently maintain the local option sales tax.

  • Create a citizen’s review committee of the Urban Core CRA District.

Kristie Tobias (Governance)

  • Accountability: Create city-wide Mission, Vision and Values that drive a more deliberate culture. Create Standards of Behavior that align with the Mission, Vision, and Values.

  • Collaborative Communication: Implement quarterly leadership and employee forums.

  • Engagement: Implement an annual employee engagement survey and provide a leadership academy for emerging, new, and seasoned leaders.

  • Performance Management: Create a consistent disciplinary process and implement the Korn Ferry Hayes compensation analysis.

  • Reward and Recognition: Expand recognition programs to be more department specific, institute incentives through performance-based bonuses and review current benefit plan against competitive options.

David Peaden (Government Efficiency)

  • Implement a user friendly software program.

  • Streamline inconsistencies in the land development code.

  • Implement tracking system & upgraded tech for inspection services.

  • Evaluation of current city boards and term limits.

Julie Sheppard (Legal)

  • Independence and adequate staffing/funding for our city’s legal needs.

  • The City Attorney’s Office should provide legal counsel to: Executive Mayor, City Council, city boards and commissions, city departments and City enterprises.

  • The Office of the City Attorney should provide appropriate representation for the city in all legal proceedings and should supervise and manage all outside counsel and any special counsel which may be utilized for their specific knowledge and expertise.

Rev. Dr. Isaac Williams (Neighborhoods)

  • Create an office/department for neighborhoods.

  • Open key community centers on weekends.

  • Increase police presence in neighborhoods.

  • Improve neighborhood infrastructure (flooding/lighting/reduce speeding)

Drew Buchanan (Traffic & Walkability)

  • Adopt Complete Streets.

  • Improve user experience of parking.

  • Create a position solely responsible for bike/pedestrian safety.

  • Formulate the Pensacola Bicycle Blueprint.

  • Make walkability and livability a regional effort.

Sena Maddison (Transparency)

  • Separate and create two clear, defined roles for Public Information and Public Affairs.

  • Trust our city department leaders to share expertise.

  • Mandatory public records training for city staff.

  • Website upgrades.