Opportunity Zones & Impact Investing

Opportunity Zone 2 Graphic.png

In January 2019, Locus Impact Investing published a blog post “How Foundations Can Deliver Social Impacts in Opportunity Zones.

In this post they talk about creating local and regional Opportunity Zone Market Places which have the following four components:

  1. Providing a real and virtual place for stakeholders to engage.

  2. Building and documenting a community project pipeline.

  3. Attracting socially-motivated investors.

  4. Setting and monitoring the community measurements of success.

This website (Smartcoast.us) is beginning to do each of these activities.

We are providing a Real place for stakeholders to engage at Pensacola Socialdesk and virtually through our open Slack Workspace and participating in our Trello projects.

We have established a public Trello project named OZ Project Pipeline to capture and develop a community project pipeline.

Through the Smartcoast Opportunity Fund we will be working to attract the socially motivated investors along the Gulf Coast.

Finally, we need your help in identifying what our community should use as our measurements of success.

With these initiatives Smartcoast is underway in creating a Regional Opportunity Zone Market Place but we need your help. Please consider becoming a member and signing up for our mailing list and Slack workspace.