For what kind of niche should we stake a claim?

In a recent Pensacola NewsJournal article in the CivicCon series, the speaker makes the following statement.

"After hearing about the area’s growing renown in the realm of cybersecurity, he discussed what an economic driver it could be if Pensacola could stake a claim as the cybersecurity capital of the South, or even the world."

It can be informative to evaluate our region quantitatively when we make statements like this. The website recently posted a list of the top 500 hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies to watch in 2018.

The maps below illustrate in what world cities these companies are located.

top500 cyber firms world-wide.png

As you can see, none of these companies are located anywhere near our region. In light of these facts it is incredulous to even attempt to make the above claim.

top500 cyber firms-usa.png

This is not to say that we are not making significant progress in establishing a micro-cluster in cyber-security education and military cyber.

Consistent with the purpose of this website, I propose the region stake it's claim as the which is broad enough to include many other brands.