Advanced Manufacturing Jobs Sharply Up


Chart 1

Advanced manufacturing jobs as posted on as a percent of total jobs (job intensity) is sharply up for April 2018 from January 2018, resuming the overall growth trend (Chart 1).  Year-on-year, the United States and Northwest Florida (NWFL) job intensities are up more than 30% while Florida as a whole lagged at 13% growth.

Leading the way of the most wanted advanced manufacturing jobs (Chart 2) are Advanced Materials and Sensors.  For more information on the methodology and the choice of technologies please visit the Advanced Manufacturing page of this blog.



Chart 2

Relative to the United States, NWFL is outperforming (Chart 3) coming in with an advanced manufacturing index (AM Index) value of 1.13 where the United States is 1.00.  Florida is at an AM Index of 0.60, well below its 0.72 index one year ago.  California, the country leader, has an AM Index of 1.48.  The AM Index is derived by dividing the region-specific job intensity by the national job intensity.


Chart 3

The Advanced Manufacturing Index is published quarterly.  For more information please read the other blog pages at Panhandle Progress or contact the author.