Florida is a no-show in top startup cities


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Recently Bill Frost published on Business.org “The Top 10 US Cities for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups in 2018”.    The blog Panhandle Progress publishes a quarterly innovation index that is a proxy for startup friendliness.   The author compared all 40 cities ranked in the Frost article and found remarkable commonality. (The 40-city data is available upon request from the author by clicking here.)  The two systems, though not in total agreement, are not far off…largely validating the Innovation Index approach.  Remarkably, eight cities show up in the top twelve cities ranked by both methods and dominate the average ranking.

San Francisco is way out in front with Austin, San Jose, Seattle, and Boston rounding out the top five consensus.  San Francisco has an index value of 5.2 indicating that it has over five times the relative startup activity as the United States as a whole.  San Jose and Seattle come in next with innovation indices of 4.1 and 2.7 respectively.

Florida cities are nearly a no-show in the Top 40 list with Jacksonville coming in at a consensus 35.  Miami, Orlando, and Tampa make up the next three.  Miami has the highest innovation index at 0.7 in Florida while Ocala comes in last with a 0.2 index.  This indicates that San Francisco has a startup friendliness over seven times that of Miami and over 26 times that of Ocala. The ranking of the Florida cities can be seen on the blog U.S. STARTUPS STEADY — FLORIDA SURGES 30% along other top Southeast Unites States cities.


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