About Smartcoast.US

This website and the Smartcoast.US initiative began as an outgrowth of the local Pensacola Entrepreneurship Enthusiast Group (EEG) and the Northwest Florida Forward Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council.

We believe that growing entrepreneurial businesses is the best way to insure the regions long-term economic vitality. We also believe that embracing a smart cities way of thinking is vital to growing the local entrepreneurial businesses.


This effort began with the volunteer efforts of a team notably comprised of Marcia Schuffman and David Musselwhite.

It is our intention to establish paid memberships to fund the daily operating costs of space rental and business system fees.

Additional costs will be funded through administrative fees from grants and project management engagements.

Our Why

What is the big WHY we are doing this? The answer is to increase the competitiveness of the cities, the counties and the region to keep our best and brightest entrepreneurs and to draw the best and brightest to this area.

Our Strategy

  • Encourage Strategic Leadership

  • Provide Entrepreneurial Support through Building our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

  • Develop Talented People

  • Activate Community Engagement

  • Organize Venture and Patient Investment

  • Develop Affordable and Available Internet Connectivity

  • Expand our Great Places

Our Plan

  • To Advocate

  • To Educate

  • To Facilitate

  • To Participate